Holiday accommodation

We care about the environment and do what we can to help make a difference. Marris Barn is fully sustainable, using solar power and ground source energy throughout. We only use low energy light bulbs, actively reduce waste and encourage recycling at all our properties. There are solar panels at Beach Cottage also.

The gardens are all wildlife-friendly – so you will see lots of butterflies and bees if you look closely. Plus Little Walk Cottage has an owl box with a resident owl and Marris Barn has bat bricks and two owls boxes. See if you can spot them enjoying some night-time fun whilst you’re here.

But we don’t stop there …

Around the farm

James and Emma (and their extended family) farm in a conservation-friendly manner and are part of a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme. You will see:

  • Grass margins have been left along all watercourses and in addition extended field margins to encourage the iconic (but sadly declining) English Partridge.
  • Field corners have been planted with wild flowers to encourage pollen and nectar loving species.
  • We have an ongoing tree planting scheme, particularly in our parkland.
  • The introduction of barn owl boxes have led to successful breeding.
  • A Neolithic long barrow is a scheduled ancient monument.
  • We include partial use of min-till cultivation techniques to reduce soil disturbance.
  • All the breeding cattle are in a Cattle Health Scheme and both the beef and arable products are in Crop Assurance Schemes.